How We Work Together

Typical Timeline

Guiding individuals and businesses toward their financial goals is a responsibility Independence Financial Consultants takes very seriously.

Reaching those goals is a challenge we’ll meet together - gathering information, considering possibilities, deciding on the wisest course of action. Here’s how we'll do it.

First Contact:
Our first contact will probably be in the form of a brief telephone conversation, usually lasting no more than 10 minutes. We’ll discuss your basic goals, concerns and financial experiences. By the end of the conversation, we’ll decide if another, more in-depth meeting, is called for, typically within 2 weeks.

If we decide to move ahead, we’ll confirm our first face-to-face (complimentary) meeting by letter or email, including the proposed agenda and asking for more information in advance of the meeting to make your time well-spent.

First meeting:
At this first meeting, we’ll sit down and put into written form your goals, your concerns and your priorities.

Independence Financial Consultants will explain what we do, how we do it, and how we’re compensated for the value we'll provide. We’ll also discuss the services you want and how often you’d like to meet to review your progress.

Then, and only then, we’ll decide if we’re a good fit for each other. If we agree that we are, we’ll begin formulating the plan that will guide you to a secure financial future. We’ll also want to meet and collaborate with the rest of your professional team—your CPA, your attorney(s) and whomever else is part of your financial life, to ensure everyone’s on the same page and working toward the same end – improving progress to your goals.

You’ll receive a letter or email summarizing the results of our discussion, including your goals in your priority order, list of “to do’s” for all involved parties, service level and fee quoted, and date/time of our next meeting (typically within 2 more weeks).

Week 4-5 from First Contact:
Our firm will review and organize the personal and financial data you provide so it’s readily accessible and easily understood.

We’ll analyze the information, correlate it to your goals and current situation then put a written plan together showing how well you’re doing and recommended changes to accomplish the results you seek (see the appropriate WealthVision video for how we use technology to save everyone time and prevent confusion).

Week 5-6:
We’ll review and discuss with you the plan of action, outlining the steps we propose to take in the weeks and months to follow. Whatever your comfort level, you can be sure we’ll accommodate it.

Week 6 and beyond:
At the agreed-upon intervals during the year, we’ll meet to evaluate your progress. We’ll look at the results we’ve achieved, decide whether or not we’re satisfied, and make whatever adjustments we agree are needed to keep you on track. Of course, as a client of Independence Financial Consultants, you’re always welcome to contact us by phone, email, fax or regular mail with any questions or concerns you may have.

Week 52 from First Meeting:
As we near collaborating for a year, we’ll sit down together to see how far we’ve come. Hopefully, we’ll have accomplished the goals we set at the beginning of the year and will move on to setting goals for the next 12 months.