Considering or Reevaluting Trusts

While not for everyone, trusts can be used to help ensure proper management of your assets throughout the different stages of your life:

  1. During your active years, appropriate trusts may provide
    • the freedom to continue managing your assets or devote time to other priorities
    • protection from creditors
    • controlled giving to family members
    • estate tax minimization and charitable gifting
  2. If you're incapacitated, a trust may help ensure your needs are met and finances kept in good order for your benefit.
  3. Upon your death, a trust becomes "irrevocable", and assets are managed and distributed by your trustee following your instructions throughout the trust's existence.

Please see the attachments below to help you understand:

  • uses and types of trusts (including some very useful less well-known types, such as Incentive Trusts and IRA Trusts)
  • roles in development and administration of trusts
  • considerations when choosing whom you want to fulfill those roles

As always, please let us know if you have any questions, would like some help, or want us to facilitate a discussion with people you care about.